Children from the age of six (6) month to five (5) years are eligible for admission to the preschool  and six and above for admission to the primary.  Registration forms can be obtained from the Administration office  (at a cost).


Children should have  all the requisite certificates of vaccination, which should be valid, and will be inspected on admission. Parents must notify the school immediately, if it becomes known that the child has been in contact with an infections or contagious disease.


Field trips are regularly organized to give children exposure and broaden their horizon. Permission forms are sent to seek their consent before the trip is made.


Parents are most welcome to bring a special treat for their child’s birthday. Please inform the school in advance for party arrangement.


After each Trimester, children are allowed two- three weeks  of vacation in the academic year.


All children should be in school by 8.30am each day. We stress on the importance of punctuality. School ends at 3.00pm,  one  hour grace period is given so all children must be picked at 4.00pm or a penalty will be charged beyond closing time.

Punctuality is an aspect of life associated with society and its foundation should be laid in the sensitive period (Ages  0-6 years).

It is statutory requirement that children are brought to school regularly. Intermittent absence makes them disinterested in coming to school. If it is necessary for a child to be absent, a short note should be sent to the directress before or during the child’s absence.

A telephone message would also suffice, if a child has been for several days a call from the school will be sent to the parent asking for the reasons of absences.