The primary right and duty to educate rest with the parents. In the home, more than any other place, parents teach by their example, reverence for God and respect for the dignity of others. They are also tremendously influential in cultivating among their children the virtues of love of neighbor, justice, generosity, loyalty, industry and honesty which are essential to their living the Christian life.


Regularity of attendance and punctuality are important in the academic progress of the child and in His or Her character training.

The Ghana Education Law list the following legal absences:

  • Sickness of a student
  • Sickness or death in the family
  • Impossible roads or weather which make travel unsafe
  • Required presence in court
  • Religious Observance

All other absences are classified as unlawful detention on the part of the parent or truancy on part of the child.


Student should be in school by 7:30 AM. All children go directly to their classroom.

Under no circumstances may Kiddie Skills School accept responsibility for children left outside the school before 7:30 AM. Regular closing time is 3:00 PM .

All pupils must be picked latest by 4.00pm after school.

Until closing time, pupils are not allowed to go outside the compound once they enter the school.


One of the most important aspects of education is discipline which should eventually be internalized. Discipline is the training that develops self-control, orderliness, efficiency and character. Basic of all discipline is the principal of respect- respect one’s self, for others and for all children.

In order to form proper habit and attitudes, the following rules for good conduct are expected to be obeyed by every student.

  • Respect for staff members, other students and self.
  • Respect for all school property and school uniform.
  • Silence places and times designated for silence.
  • No chewing of gum in the classroom or on the school ground.
  • No student is allowed anywhere in the school building without supervision.

Appropriate discipline action will be taken for failure to adhere to the above rules.


Wearing a uniform is a sign of identification with the school community of Kiddie Skills School. By wearing a uniform, pupils show pride in their school and exhibit respect for their person by dressing in a dignified manner. The uniform also helps to reduce competition in dress as a result of contemporary styles. Pupils should arrive at school and leave school in full uniform.

Boys hair length may not exceed collar length. All hair must be kept clean and neat. Fashioned or engraved hairstyles are not permitted. Only simple hair styles e.g. ‘corn roll ‘ will be allowed.

Foot wear – black shoes / snickers properly laced or leather sandals . ( not kito)

Jewelry is not permitted; expect that girls may wear one pair of post earrings, no hoops or dangles.

  • Pupils must bring handkerchiefs and plastic drinking cups to school every day.
  • Pupils must not bring unauthorized items to school, i,e Toys, Magazines, lip glosses, etc.
  • Pupils should not buy food or any other items from vendors outside the school compound.
  • Pupils must not use abusive words and foul language.
  • Pupils should not fight nor quarrel. Offenders will be suspended for three days.
  • Pupils must not engage themselves in rough games, i.e. chasing, kicking, pushing, tripping and running on the compound.
  • Pupils must desist from screaming and yelling at friends at friends when playing.
  • Pupils must neatly complete all home work under the supervision of parents / guardians.
  • Parents and guardians are required to sign all home work and ensure that they are submitted.
  • All pupils must give unreserved respect to all teachers, supporting staffing and prefects.
  • All exercise books must be covered and neatly kept.
  • Tearing of sheets from exercise book is unacceptable.
  • All school property must be handled with care. Pupils who destroy school property will be surcharged the cost of repairing the damaged property.
  • Sick and convalescing pupils should not come to school. They should fully recover before they will be allowed to attend classes.